Site Profile 2020

Bone, South Sulawesi Province

Established in 2012, our work in Bone Regency focused on supporting the improvement of small-scale fisheries through some activities such as port sampling co-management, community capacity building, and a supportive role to government in management development. The result of our program has catalyzed 2 villages, 2 landing sites, and directly supporting approximately 85 fishers to build a better awareness of sustainability in their fishing activity. The program also improves the availability of information about the nature of small-scale fisheries in Indonesia, allowing their integration into management planning. In 2021, Bone has started the community organization program implementation to expand the work scope in enabling community awareness of sustainable fishery.

Some photos of the MDPI's activities in Bone

The Main Activities

1. Fisheries Improvement

  • Port-side data collection at 2 landing sites
  • Small-vessel technology implementation, including onboard observers, time lapse camera (TLC), pelagic data system (PDS), reolink, and Trekfish


2. Community Organization

  • Helped the community to start the Koperasi Kembali Muda Mandiri cooperative
  • Empower coastal communities through champions formation


3. Statistic

  • Vessel: 15
  • Fisher: 85
  • Vessel with on-board tech installed: 11
  • Total of port sampling: 47,384 kg