Site Profile 2020

Manado, North Sulawesi Province

Located in the Celebes Sea off the northwest coast of Sulawesi, Manado is the capital city of North Sulawesi Province. Our activities in Manado began in 2018 where this site supports evidence-based co-management through data collection on small-scale fisheries, capacity building of fishers to enable involvement in management discussions, and piloting technology-based traceability. Currently, the work area covers 2 villages and 1 landing site with 2 site-based staff. The outcomes of MDPI’s work bring direct support for approximately 25 fishers and local community members. In 2021, Manado has started the program to empower coastal community members and enable supporting sustainable fisheries through the community organization program.

Some photos of the MDPI's activities in Manado

The Main Activities

1. Fisheries Improvement

  • Port-side data collection at 1 landing site
  • Small-vessel technology implementation, including Onboard observers, Reolink, Spot trace, and Trekfish


2. Community Organization

  • Empower coastal communities through champions formation


3. Statistic

  • Vessel: 17
  • Fisher: 25
  • Vessel with on-board tech installed: 2
  • Total of port sampling: 16,186 kg