Site Profile 2020

Morotai, North Maluku Province

Situated in the northeast of the Halmahera archipelago, Morotai is one of the northernmost islands in Indonesia. The Morotai Regency does not comprise only 1 island, but it is composed of 1 big island with 32 islands spreading around. The background of our work in Morotai is to support the Lumbung Ikan Nasional (national fishery resource) and tuna management plan as well as the fact that its fishery resources’ plays important role in the supply chain. Because Morotai has many significant fishing grounds for yellowfin tuna, the emphasis is on the tuna fishing programs. MDPI’s activities in Morotai currently covering 2 villages and directly supporting approximately 49 fishers. With the presence of many industry partners and a push into the MSC certification, we were trying to work on the development of a good data collection to meet the eco-label standard.

Some photos of the MDPI's activities in Morotai

The Main Activities

1. Fisheries Improvement

  • Port-side data collection at 1 landing site
  • Small-vessel technology implementation, including Onboard observers, Time-lapse cameras (TLC) and Pelagic Data System (PDS)


2. Statistic

  • Vessel: 36
  • Fisher: 49
  • Registered vessels (as of 2020): 126 vessels for Pas Kecil and BPKP
  • Vessel with on-board tech installed: 8
  • Total of port sampling: 14,687 kg