Site Profile 2020

Ternate, North Maluku Province

Ternate Island is where the former capital city of North Maluku, Ternate city, is located. MDPI’s activities in Ternate that started in 2018 were purposely established to expand the Fair Trade implementation and data collection in North Maluku. Our implementation program of sustainable fisheries in Ternate including improvement of catching standards through the expansions of MSC certification in 2021. As the result, we started to see many improvements in fishery management of 82 fishermen, 3 suppliers, 1 processor, and 100+ community members. Currently, our working area covering 5 villages, 3 landing sites, 5 fisher associations, and directly supporting 160+ fishermen in Ternate and Tobelo

Some photos of MDPI's activities in Ternate Island

The Main Activities

1. Fisheries Improvement

  • Port-side data collection at 3 landing sites
  • Small-vessel technology implementation, including Onboard observers, Time-lapse cameras (TLC) and Spot trace


2. Community Organization

  • Helped the community to start the Koperasi Fair Trade Tuna Mandiri and Koperasi Babula Ma Cahaya cooperatives
  • Empower coastal communities through champions formation
  • Assisted 39 fishers to register for their Kusuka card in 2020


3. Certifications

  • Has been implementing the FTUSA standard for more than 3 years with 2 suppliers and 1 processor
  • In 2020, the Ternate FT Committee received Rp 6,369,719 in premium payments
  • The Ternate FTUSA fishers got the MSC certification in April 2021


4. Statistic

  • Vessels: 81
  • Fishers: 82
  • Fisher Associations: 3
  • Tech-installed vessel: 5
  • Total of port sampling: 7,948 kg